Vimbai Speaks Leaked ‘Artistry’ Picture

…Whites took our African culture

Netherlands-based singer Vimbai ‘Vee Kay’ Zimuto has defended her racy beach picture she posted on her social handles saying it showed her independence.

 Vimbai Speaks Leaked ‘Artistry’ Picture

The picture which is exposing her body whilst relaxing at the beach has gotten her fans expressing mixed feelings.

The dancer and choreographer hogged the limelight last year with an explicit video for the song, Hapana Kwaunoenda, last year.

Vimbai has responded and defended her ‘artistic’ pictures as expressive after being enslaved by the white colonisers.

“I am inspired by me being original, being African, intelligent, expressive, comfortable in my own skin, being proud to be African, of my roots, being Zimbabwean.

“I am not ashamed of my colour or how dark I am, just like my ancestors then never had that kind of awareness of them being darker or lighter than the other.

“Today we think being lighter is beautiful and somebody is a little dark on their own they are not beautiful, but for me I am expressing my heart through me, being an originally me, being he person that I am, the Vimbai the lioness and that’s what inspires me through this picture and there is more to come.”

The Zimbabwean artiste added:

“When white people came to enslave us through slavery and colonialism they found out that our men were naked, they would just wear a little belt while our women were just covered on the front part of their bodies.

“They were not aware of how their b**bs should be, maybe they should be sagging or not, they didn’t care and when the white people came they then dressed us up.

“After they dressed us up they went to their countries and they started getting naked which means they took our culture from us, they took the origin of an African person, woman and make their own, and then they left us holding the bible, wearing hembe mukubvururu, that’s what they did and I say it in an expressive way,” said Vimbai.

Asked to respond to mixed feelings by people on social media she said:

“No I am not worried, every art is subject to love, criticism, judgment, banishment at times.

“But it is like that with everything and even Jesus had his haters despite him being mwana waMwari.

“Africans is all about expression, that’s one aspect that made us who were are and our oppressors made sure that we lose it and become inexpressive to a point where everything we love, we do it in hiding.”

The versatile artist said it’s no longer surprising to hear about tapes.

“Why do you think the number of tapes doubled, by next year a tape will become nothing because it is nothing.

“Right now we just don’t know how to feel about it just like every new thing that comes among us.”

Vimbai boasts of a huge following from her target market.

“My followers are doubling on all my social handles, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“The year 2019 is a building year again and 2018 was a success, it got me a nomination at the Star FM music awards.

“This year is my build up to a European tour which I am planning for next year,” she said.

When she released Hapana Kwaunoenda, she was criticised by some for what they described as indecency. However, Zimuto said she remains unfazed as there are some, especially women, who are showing her love.



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