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Villagers On Each Other’s Throats Over ‘Wafa-Wafa’ Witch Hunters

Villagers On Each Other’s Throats Over ‘Wafa-Wafa’ Witch Hunters

Villagers On Each Other’s Throats Over ‘Wafa-Wafa’ Witch Hunters

Chaos has rocked Mbonqani Village in Bulilima where villagers are divided over witch-hunters with some dismissing them as robbers who stripped them of their livestock after “planting” goblins at their homesteads and later accusing them of being owners.

Villagers On Each Other’s Throats Over ‘Wafa-Wafa’ Witch Hunters

Two villagers who were forced to pay by the witch-hunters also known as wafa-wafas found themselves in the minority following their sentiments that they were fake and they planted the goblins at their homesteads.

Most villagers have dismissed their revelations as the majority seems to believe the works of the wafa-wafas who they want to continue staying in the village hunting for goblins and helping people.

Some villagers defending the wafa-wafas said: “The few people who are claiming that the wafa-wafas are fake should be the one moving out of the village because the majority is happy with their works.

“Maybe they are bitter that their goblins were captured and killed,” said Dumisani Dube.

One of the bitter villagers revealed that she had approached the four men being led by Bishop Khumalo seeking help as she had eye problems.

They reportedly told her that there were goblins and that was the reason she had sore eyes, but she immediately left not believing their prophecy.



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