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VIDEO: Heartbroken Bushiri speaks on the death of his Daughter

VIDEO: Heartbroken Bushiri speaks on the death of his Daughter

Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri has blamed the Kenyan authorities after the announcement of his daughter Israella Bushiri’s death.

Earlier this month Bushiri said his daughter was battling a lung infection in an undisclosed hospital. It was later announced her illness had worsened and she was transferred to ICU.

“It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing on of my daughter, Israella Bushiri. As a father, it was my desire to see her grow and serve the Lord, However, the will of God was for her to return to Him,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Monday morning.

Announcing the death, Bushiri went on to blame authorities in Kenya, claiming Israeli was blocked from getting medical attention in time.

“She was blocked right at the airport and she couldn’t have access to quick medical attention,” Bushiri said.

“It is sad to hear the doctor’s report that if she had gone in earlier, she wouldn’t have died.”

“She became a victim of all the persecutions we have been going through from South Africa however, we believe that if it was God’s time and God’s will this was supposed to happen in this way God would call anyone at any time at any place through any means.”

Source | News365

In other news, Prophet Bushiri’s daughter Israella Bushiri has died!

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary have announced the death of their daughter Israella who died today.

BREAKING NEWS: Bushiri’s Daughter Dies

Bushiri took to social media to announce the death of young Israella in a post that stated that he feels if she had been attended to earlier she wouldn’t have died…Learn More

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