Vendors Reject $10 Bond Notes

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Keith T Mambo
Keith T Mambo
Keith T. Mambo is currently a reporter for ZiMetro News . He focuses on identity politics for The Southern Eye. He was previously a fellow at the UCT University of Cape Town for Political Science.

Vendors Reject $10 Bond Notes

Vendors and tuckshop operators in the high density suburbs have started rejecting $5 notes and $10 bond notes.

A survey by H-Metro indicates that some of the vendors were no longer accepting the $10 and $5 denominations in the informal sector.

Forget Maringa a vendor who operates in Glenview 7, confirmed he was no longer accepting $10 notes from customers.

“The reason why I am no longer accepting $10 notes is because in Mbare where I purchase these goods they are no longer accepting as well.

“Here and there one or two might accept but at limit for example if I want to purchase goods worth $200 dollars I am asked to put only five $10 dollar notes the rest should be $20 notes or $ 50 notes,” he said.

He said $5 notes were phased out way back.

“Regarding $5 Zimbabwe dollar notes, I do not remember when last I had those in my hands isu vemusika takagumisira kudzibata kare hatitozivi kana dzichiko ,” he said.

A resident in Fidelity Park, Advance Malluleke said those accepting $10 notes were charging 200 percent rate.

“Those operating tuckshops and vendors in the street are the one rejecting these $10 notes and those accepting are charging times two the prize if you are paying with $10 notes.

“As of yesterday I morning I gave my son $20 of two $10 notes to buy some snacks and each goes for $10 funny enough he came back with one snack, I had to do a follow up and the shopkeeper told me that if I am buying using $10 notes it is times two the price,” he narrated.

Allen Tsoto a tuckshop operator in South view location described the issue of $10 notes as a complicated one which is also putting him in a dilemma.

“The issues to do with notes started when the government announced the new $50 notes.

“I am even confused whether to continue accepting them or not because the problem is where I purchase the goods in bulk mainly at those small wholesalers.

“At Mbudzi around complex some are rejecting these $10 notes whilst others are still accepting.

“So for me I am making sure I do not possess more of these $10 notes hence they are some goods I am accepting payment in $10 notes whilst there are others I am not accepting because it’s a gamble you can agree,” he said.

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