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Vendors clash with police

Vendors clash with police

Vendors clash with police

Vendors at Zindoga and Mbudzi roundabout have been clashing with police with some returning to their illegal sites following demolitions carried by City of Harare.

A number of the vendors were on Saturday rounded up by police officers.

One of the vendors at Zindoga only identified as Gamanya told H-Metro that municipal police were biased in carrying out the demolitions.

“We are not happy with municipal police over selecting structures to demolish and sparing some at one site,” said Gamanya.

“Ukatarisa paZindoga vashoma vakapwanyirwa asi vakakora vakasiiwa isu edu makitchen achipazwa.

“We will continue to rebuild and return to our points until municipal police stop reasoning with some illegal operators. We demand fairness.

“They notified vendors of the demolitions but some failed to provide their documents giving corruption a chance to prevail during demolitions.

“Ukaenda paMbudzi roundabout rimwe side rese nepamwe pari kutovharira roundabout yacho kwakasiiiwa saka zvinoreva here kuti vakatenderwa uye vane mapepa ekuvakira pedo neroundabout.

“The other side of Mbudzi roundabout was spared and we need a clarification from municipal police that is why we are returning to the site,” he said.

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