VAPOSTORI VEAFRICA SHAMES WOMEN WHO BEAUTIFY THEMSELVES | A certain apostolic sect which calls itself ‘Vaspotori veAfrica; has come under fire after a recording of a sermon emerged in which the speaker made some derogatory comments banning women from applying perfume.


The leading preacher blasted the act done by ladies, applying perfume to their beings as an art they use solely to enti_ce men. In his own words he called women who apply perfume adult_erers and prostit_utes.

His tirade did not stop with the perfume, he also called out women who wear makeup and use beauty cosmetics for promoting loose morals.

The audience, which strangely seemed to be dominated by men seemed to agree with his sentiments. The preacher demanded that if there were female members who wore perfume in his congregation they should stop immediately.

He went on to add that no woman who applies perfume to her being will enter the gates of heaven seeing that she is a sinner by default.

The audio clip has caused quite a riot among women who will be more than happy to hunt down the preacher for making statements they deemed derogatory and anti-feminist. Some blasted the apostle for being a cavemen and a misogynist who has no place preaching on the pulpit.

The apostle hasn’t stepped up yet to clarify his statements shortly after the audio leaked. You can listen to the audio below…



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