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Vandalism & Theft Forces ZESA To Shut Kadoma Power

Vandalism & Theft Forces ZESA To Shut Kadoma Power

Vandalism & Theft Forces ZESA To Shut Kadoma Power

More headaches, darkness and losses are becoming the order of the day as the City of Kadoma continues to face debilitating power outages due to theft of cardinal infrastructure, H-Metro has observed.

In recent times, most parts of the city are experiencing long hours on end without power, with the authority re-porting theft and vandalism at substations, including the mainline feeder which, according to the utility, is unpalatable.

“Power went off in Rimuka, Waverly, Thorngrove, Cecil Estates and industrial area last night due to vandalism, the vandals disturbed our main line and vandalized one of our transformers in Rimuka,” posted a ZETDC official privy to developments last Friday.

At least five strategic transformers have been disabled around the city as the war against vandalism and theft escalates. Alert residents report that gun shots were heard in the wee hours Friday night with unconfirmed news attributing them to police details wadding off criminals who wanted to pounce on a transformer in central Rimuka.

A host of transformers have now been affected by mounting cases of vandalism and theft, if residents’ reports are anything to go by. Residents in all suburbs feel the power outages are fertile ground for criminals to feast on their act as it will be ‘‘safe’’ to execute under cover.

Kadoma Central Constituency Ward 11 councillor Cosmas Dhaka summed up sentiment among residents and busi-ness through his stakeholder engagement WhatsApp group,

“Vanotirwadzisa vanhu ava vanovandalizer property ye Zesa, the situation needs to be addressed,” he said.

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