Vabati vaJehovha collaborate with Jah Prayzah


Vabati vaJehovha collaborate with Jah Prayzah

RENOWNED gospel choral group Vabati vaJehovha have collaborated with Jah Prayzah in their forthcoming album.

Vabati Vajehovha

The album ‘Ngandibereke Mapudzi’ with six tracks will be released along with Zvishuwo Zvemoyo video album that has taken the group to South Africa for video shootings.

Group leader, Richard Magaya said the group had been charmed by Jah Prayzah’s voice that they saw it inspiring to put the icing on their album.

“We are finalizing our latest album with a video and Jah Prayzah is featuring on one of the songs Fambai naro,” Shoko said Magaya.

“Our latest project has taken us to places including South Africa to spice up so as to satisfy our fans with a variety.

“The album will be released any time soon ahead of our international trip to United Kingdom where we are expected to perform on April 27 at Binley Banqueting Suite.

“As a group we are on cloud nine since it will be our first time to perform in the UK and we thank our fans who saw it fit to allow our spiritual hymns to roar in a Western country.

“Tinotenda vatsigiri vedu kunyanya, uye kubatana nevamwe vaimbi munziyo kwatisvitsa kure,” said Magaya.


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