Update: ZRP officer gives a chilling account of how he committed the crime


Update: ZRP officer gives a chilling account of how he committed the crime.

After his arrest, the police took Jalasi back to the Eastlea home where the funeral was being held so that he could give indications. ‘Giving indication’ s refers to the process in which a suspect walks the investigating officers through the crime scene indicating how and where he performed specific acts.

Moses Nigel JalasiRegina Mhondiwa, 41, the wife of alleged murderer Nigel Jalasi, 27, could not contain herself and she broke down after Jalasi reenacted how he had ra_ped and murdered her daughter, Olga Nyasha, at the couple’s matrimonial home in Eastlea. Jalasi who is a Constable in the Zimbabwe Republic Police is alleged to have committed the heinous crimes on Friday before fleeing to Mbare where he was later apprehended following a tip-off.

During the process, Olga’s mother Regina is reported to have shouted. Wakaurayireiko mwana wangu? Nyasha aitura nemunhu here nhaii? Wakauraueireiko mwana angu. (Why did you kill my daughter? She is a sweet soul who never had issues with anyone. Why did you kill my daughter?

Olga NyashaZIMETRO
Olga NyashaZIMETRO

During the indications, Jalasi told the investigating officers, that he had dragged Olga from the kitchen into the main bedroom where he had raped her once.

Unfortunately, the neighbours failed to rescue Olga even though she screamed and called for help. In an effort to silence her, Jalasi stabbed her 15 times in the abdomen and in the neck. Jalasi then dropped the bloody scissors on a stool at the crime scene and fled after neighbours finally managed to force the door open.

Jalasi then fled to Mbare where he sought refuge at a shebeen. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for everyone else, one of the drug dealers was so appalled by Jalasi’s crime that he tipped off the police as to his whereabouts.

Commenting on the arrest, ZRP National spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said. The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to express their condolences to the bereaved family and as police, we strongly condemn the act and investigations have since started following the arrest of Constable Jalasi.

Constable Jalasi was arrested by police in Matapi where he was hiding and he will appear in court soon after the completion of investigations being carried out. The suspect was facing a case of aggravated indecent assault when the heinous act happened and police will leave no stone unturned in making sure justice prevails.


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