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Update on murder of Nosicelo Mtebeni who was killed & cut into pieces by her boyfriend

Update on the murder of Nosicelo Mtebeni, who was killed & cut into pieces by her boyfriend

The gruesome death of 23-year-old University of Fort Hare law student Nosicelo Mtebeni has rocked the city of East London.

Mtebeni’s family is expected to visit the scene of the crime for the first time on Sunday.

The victim’s dismembered body was found in a suitcase in the suburb of Quigney in East London.

Some of her body parts were discovered in bags outside her boyfriend’s residence, while her head and hands were discovered inside his room.

A 25-year-old man has been arrested and is expected to appear in court on Monday.

Devastated students and university staff members will be holding a night vigil for Mtebeni and taking a stand against GBV.

The Office of the Premier has sent its condolences to Mtebeni’s family.

The university is providing psycho-social support to the students.

Meanwhile, the Commission for Gender Equality has expressed its sadness at what it calls the senseless killing of Mtebeni.

The commission is urging the Higher Education Ministry to ensure the speedy implementation of recommendations it made, regarding gender-based violence at tertiary institutions.

The commission wants institutions of higher learning and members of civil society to engage students in programmes that seek to fight GBV.

It’s praising the police for the speedy arrest of the man suspected of having committed the student’s murder and is calling on the court to deny him bail.

Source | eNCA

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