Update: Augustine Chihuri cleared of vote rigging.

MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah told a press conference on Monday that the claims by Chilima are baseless and are meant to divert the voters from voting. Ansah went on to say that even though Chihuri was married to a Malawian, he is not even in the country and all claims that he is rigging the elections are baseless.


Following allegations made by Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima that Former Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri is rigging elections for the ruling party, the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has dismissed the allegations.

This seems to confirm what was said by former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo who has been insisting that the much-maligned former ZRP boss is not in Malawi. Reacting to the news of Chihuri rigging the Malawi elections, Moyo said,

This is a lie with no legs. It won’t go anywhere. I don’t know where former CGP Chihuri is, but I know where he isn’t… I know he is not in Malawi. This I know

Malawi goes to polls on May 21 (tomorrow) and Chilima will be running against incumbent president Peter Mutharika, Lazarus Chakwera, head of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who has the backing of former President Joyce Banda and Atupele Muluzi, who was health minister in Mutharika’s government and is the son of former Malawi president Bakili Muluzi



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