Unrepentant lovers Exposed

There was commotion at the Harare Central Hospital on Friday after a man was confronted by his wife over rekindling a love affair with a co-worker that almost devastated their marriage 8 years ago.

Unrepentant lovers Exposed

Blessed Mubaiwa and Shayleen Sabawo who are both employed as nurses at the Harare Central Hospital where both Humiliated when Blessed’s wife Tapiwa, confronted the lovers over their affair which was once exposed in the H-metro 8 years ago.

Mubaiwa’s wife discovered the affair through romantic messages she found in his phone, and confronted the two at their workplace.

”It seems they can’t have enough of each other and we feel sorry for Blessed’s wife though it wasn’t proper to react the way she did at the Hospital but we understand her,” said a colleague.

According to Blessed and Shayleen’s work colleagues, the two love birds rekindled their love affair after Shayleen was reinstated at the health institution. ‘

”We knew that it was a matter of time before their affair would be exposed because they showed affection in public,” said the source.

When contacted for comment, Blessed denied the accusations that he was still having an affair with Shyleen only stating that the two where once romantically involved, stating that the allegations where sprouting from people who hated him.

” I don’t know what you are talking about; my wife and I are in good books. What happened between Shyleen and I occurred 8 years ago.”

Shayleen could neither confirm or deny the allegations but was quick to hang up the phone when contacted for comment.



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