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It is through the same democracy that we knew equal opportunities, land, education and treatment at the hands of the law can only be found. It is through the same democracy that we envisaged a prosperity based on the respect for the wishes of the people could be founded. It was through the same democracy we felt that an end to abuse and respect for our fundamental human rights would come.

The founding fathers of our  democratic struggle for independence suffered much hardships and humiliating abuse for  the courage of their convictions in the hope of laying a firm foundation on which our nation was to be built. We must ask ourselves as the beneficiaries of such selfless dedication if today as a people we are truly enjoying the fruits of their sacrifice and if as a people we have done them proud in carrying that legacy forward.

So in defining the so called legacy of ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ we must define it in the spirit of the ideals of the liberation struggle that captured the imagination of a generation of Zimbabweans across the racial divide and galvanized them into action that brought the independence struggle. It was a generation that stood against the domination of a minority clique over the majority and, as patriots, put perceived differences aside to sacrifice for a Zimbabwe that we can all be proud to enjoy.

We at the People’s Democratic Party along with our partners under the People’s Rainbow Coalition whose presidential candidate is Dr. J. T. R. Mujuru, believe that it is a fallacy to say that legacy has been restored if the cry for democracy given life in the call for ‘ONE MAN ONE VOTE’ is not fulfilled in the full implementation of the people’s constitution in particular by protecting  constitutional rights derived therein along with the necessary legal and policy reforms to go with it implemented. We believe also that our nation shall not know peace for as long as our nation cannot come up with the policy framework within those lofty goals of the founding values of our liberation struggle that:-
– recognises every citizen without regard to ethnicity in eradicating poverty;
– provides adequate housing and amenities;
– provides equal opportunity to a quality education, employment, wealth creation, land, health and other social services;
– totally destroys corruption, nepotism, clientelism and the state capture by partisan interests to create elaborate and elitist patronage systems.
– provides an electoral framework that is credible, free and fair that will bring an uncontested result that will be respected and upheld.


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