United States denounces Minister SB Moyo’s London attack


United States denounces Minister SB Moyo’s London attack.

United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols said that violence has no place in Zimbabwean society. He also called for a broad-based inclusive national dialogue. The United States of America has condemned an attack on Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo by Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom last week.


Nichols, who was speaking on the sidelines of a gender-based violence marathon by student teachers in Harare said: Violence should have no place in Zimbabwean society whatsoever and I condemn any use of it against anyone. I express my concern for the welfare of Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo.

What happened was a sign of the deposition of the society at this moment and it underscores the importance of having a broad-based inclusive national dialogue to deal with all the challenges that Zimbabwe is facing.

We are seeing fuel queues, prices of basic commodities increasing, the public sector salaries not and private sector not enough to buy basic commodities. There are so many issues that need to be addressed, political reform is a key part of that and a crucial step is to ensure that there is a broad-based national dialogue.

Minister Moyo was attacked by a group of Zimbabweans soon after addressing a British think-tank, Chatham House.

The marauding group, which is suspected to have been made up of MDC supporters, did not cause any grievous bodily harm to Minister Moyo. They poured water on him before he was whisked away in a Mercedes Benz.



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