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Uni Lecturer Attempts Suicide!

Uni Lecturer Attempts Suicide!

Uni Lecturer Attempts Suicide!

A Lecturer with a university in Harare on Tuesday attempted suicide by drinking an unknown poisonous substance after mixing it with Two Keys whiskey.


Dr. Mbereko was found hapless at Chinhoyi Council head offices. When H-METRO got the scene of the incident, Dr. Mbereko was lying down with a cellphone in his hand.

Some witnesses said they had seen him with a bottle of Two Keys whiskey and a plastic bag that had the unknown poisonous substance.

“He came from the direction of Edgars and he was mumbling to himself saying that nyaya dzevakadzi dzinonetsa,” ” A little while later I heard a funny noise and realized that he had fallen down and we rushed to the scene to see what had happened,” said the eye witness who preferred not to be identified.

Another eye witness said that the doctor mentioned something to do with marital problems. “He looked dejected and was talking to himself about marital problems at home, ” he said.

He said that it was very saddening that such an educated man tried to take his own life. “I was affected when I heard that he was a doctor at a university,”

” I thought these people are the ones who are supposed to offer psychological-support to us the weak,” said an eye witness.

He added. “He is a coward. “Whatever problems he is facing in life, he should have consulted other people for advice than try to end his life by taking poison,” A passerby who was coming from shopping said that he had seen the doctor in town with his whiskey but never thought that he was contemplating to end his life.

“Haana kutaridzika semunhu ange achida kudambudzira hupenyu hwake munzira,” “Pandamuona ndatoti inga havo vane mari kumukira mangwanani kutenga doro nyambe he had an ulterior motive.

It’s a shame and very saddening indeed,” she said.


Mnangagwa’s thoughts on lockdown bares all: “if our people die, we cannot resuscitate them.”

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Zimbabwe has been in lockdown since March 30, with the present restrictions due to end on Sunday, but Mnangagwa’s thoughts…full details

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