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“Understand You’re A Zimbabwean” – VP Chiwenga

Chiwenga Dismisses Out Of Court Settlement As Gossip

“Understand You’re A Zimbabwean” – VP Chiwenga

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga celebrated his 65th birthday during which he told youths to understand that they are Zimbabweans hence the need to pull in the same direction in the quest to build the Zimbabwe they want.

Chiwenga who is also the minister of Health and Child Care said while it was good to get an education and or employment from other countries, Zimbabweans must always come back home. He said:

_First and foremost, you have to identify yourself and the most important thing is to understand that you are a Zimbabwean._

_You can go anywhere to further your education or to get experience, but once you have done that you have to come back to your motherland and develop your motherland._

_Even if you were born out of the country, you must trace your motherland. There is no need for you to charm other nationalities; yours is the best._

He added that Zimbabwe is endowed with natural resources including forests, agricultural lands, livestock, water resources, wildlife and minerals saying they were for Zimbabweans to develop.

The former army boss also said Zimbabweans must remember that the development seen in other countries they envy was worked hard for.

His remarks come after Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube had indicated that diaspora remittances stood at US$1 billion for 2020 making Zimbabweans in the diaspora a fundamental pillar to the economy.

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