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Under Mnangagwa Government Life Has Become Hell On Earth: MDC

CIOs Threaten MDC Councillor Over Land Dispute

Under Mnangagwa Government Life Has Become Hell On Earth: MDC

The MDC Youth Assembly has said life is now hell on earth under Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

CIOs Threaten MDC Councillor Over Land Dispute

See below the MDC Youth Assembly statement :

The MDC Youth Assembly is gravely concerned about the economic free fall that is threatening to wipe out the entire generation with hunger and starvation under the watch of a careless, corrupt and extravagant military regime.

The economy is on a free fall and downward spiral with the prices of basic commodities on a diurnal free rise and upward spiral.

Life for ordinary citizens has become hell on earth with nail biting and scourging poverty on display everywhere.

Images of urban dwellers queueing for dirty and unsafe drinking water at waterholes, dark streets and homes at night and black suit and smokes from firewood and plastics used for cooking best summarizes the new levels of the new lows facing our people.

These sorry and gory images of our suffering people clearly paints and depicts a deliberate ZANU PF agenda to ruralize all urban areas as a punishment for being strongholds for MDC and dissenting voices.

At the centre of all these problems is a cabal of heartless men and women who continue to force themselves on people through the bullet and the gun, abductions and illegal political arrests hiding under the guise of a ‘New Dispensation’.

Virtually there is an abundance of poverty of leadership from Emmerson Mnangagwa’s military administration and the deleterious effects of such is a nation in poverty and turmoil amidst plenty.

Yes as MDC we have spoken, teachers have spoken, lawyers too have spoken and more recent doctors have spoken too!

It is now clear that this is an uncompromising and deaf regime and the only language that underlines their thinking is force as evidenced by brutal crushing of demonstrations, forced disappearances and political arrests.

As an Assembly of young social democrats we do not subscribe to the notion of force and violence, but like any other revolutionaries before us we are not going to hide under the cocoons on ‘non-violence’ narrative while our rights are subverted.

We are also alive and conscious to the fact that the struggle for democracy has also morphed into a struggle for survival.

Such a struggle abhors purists as it does not respect ideological standing but the people’s call to survive first!

As an Assembly, we call for a convergence of all citizens to escalate the first against this military dictatorship which is clearly the author of our poverty and problems.

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson



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