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UK-based nurse drills borehole in Highfield

UK-based nurse drills borehole in Highfield

UK-based nurse drills borehole in Highfield

A FRONTLINE nurse based in the UK last week used her salary to drill a borehole in Highfield, 23 years after leaving the country.

Lynne Dadirayi Shoniwa said she drilled the borehole after she was inspired by former Highfield residents who decided to help the government ease the community’s water woes by drilling boreholes in the suburb.

They formed a foundation called Highfield Community Development (HCD), and Shoniwa-sponsored borehole is their fourth in the suburb over the past year.

Shoniwa is a director coordinator for the foundation and she will be assisted to complete the borehole by other HCD members.

The foundation was founded by Antony Chamunorwa, the Executive Director, through a WhatsApp group that evolved into a registered foundation that spearheaded the drilling of boreholes in Western Triangle and two at the Zimbabwe grounds.

“Governments worldwide need assistance from residents and Zimbabwe is no exception. We have decided to help our government by drilling these boreholes to help Highfield residents access water,” said Shoniwa.

She has been in the UK for 23 years but still feels the need to give back to her Highfield community.

“My mother taught me to give and these are not sourced funds, this is my salary that I’m sharing with my country in a gesture to help ease the water challenges. I’m grateful to the HCD members for creating a platform to help.

“This is our fourth borehole and we are not stopping. I have just paid for the drilling and casing, other members will chip in with the tanks, others with the installation . . . we are a great team and everyone is welcome to join. If other suburbs do the same, we could remove a great burden off the government’s shoulders,” she added.

HCD secretary general Percy Wilo said he was grateful for Shoniwa’s donation.

“We thank sisi Dadi for this particular donation as this is our fourth borehole in Highfield as a foundation. She is in UK but she still remembers to help her government and the community that raised her. Her actions and generosity will inspire others in Highfield and abroad to join HCD and drill more boreholes,” he said.

New Canaan residents who are set to benefit from the borehole were ecstatic at the development.

Edward Musara, one of the residents, said the donation is a dream come true for people in New Canaan.

“We have been travelling far to fetch for water and at times queueing from as early as 12 midnight but our daughter has helped us and we would like to thank her and her organisation HCD for this borehole,” he said.

A committee has been set to take care of the borehole once installation has been done.

Abraham Willard, one of the committee members thanked Shoniwa and HCD for the donation and urged residents of other communities facing water challenges to follow their example.

Other HCD member that have contributed to the drilling of boreholes in Highfield include Onias Matemberere, Salias Maruta, Kenneth Ruredzo and Simba Bodyslam Chakare.

Other members have chosen to remain anonymous.

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