Home LOCAL NEWS “Two Western Embassies Bought Corruptly Acquired Land”

“Two Western Embassies Bought Corruptly Acquired Land”

“Two Western Embassies Bought Corruptly Acquired Land”

Two Western embassies in Zimbabwe are alleged to have bought land illegally acquired by some officials at the Harare City Council (HCC).

The allegations were made by some workers at the local government authority while speaking to The Herald, a state-run publication. An official said to be privy to the development said:

Two Western embassies also bought the corruptly acquired land, the land was not sold to them directly but was sold through two real estates that are owned by Gertrude Dumba, who is a Harare Council employee.

Twenty-five stands were sold to employees of a Western embassy in Westlea under plan number TDF/ER/07/19, the same companies sold 19 residential stands in Greendale to employees of another embassy under plan TPF/WR/69/19.

Some senior officials in the opposition MDC Alliance including Nelson Chamisa have been implicated in the rot that prejudiced the subnational government of potential revenue.

The party however issued a statement saying it religiously abides by good governance principles adding that the party was not involved in the sub-national government’s business as it is autonomous and independent from the party.

More than a dozen of Harare City Council officials, including Mayor Hebert Gomba, have been arrested in connection with the matter.

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