Two Sugar Mamas Pounce On 15-Year Old Boy


Two Sugar Mamas Pounce On 15-Year Old Boy

Two women, Memory Maiden and Shelly Jaji (both aged 35) from Hurungwe who are being accused of allegedly sxu_ally abusing a 15-year old form three pupil, were arrested and were each charged $100 bail when they appeared in court.

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Prosecutor Mr Webster Dimingu said Maiden, who runs a restaurant at the business centre, allegedly engaged into a s_xual relationship with the minor, aged 15, in April last year, when he was still in Form 2.

According to Mr Dimingu, he told the court that Maiden saw the teenager with his colleagues near her restaurant, called him and allegedly asked him to steal a broiler and promised him something special in return.

It is reported that the matter was revealed after the two women told the boy’s uncle that the juvenile needed extreme guidance since he was having s_exual relationships with older some women.

According to the State, the suspicious relative reported the matter to the boy’s grandmother who, confronted the two and they admitted abusing the juvenile, leading to their arrest.

The duo was represented by Mr Godfrey Mapaya of Mapaya and Partners.


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