Home SOUTH AFRICA Two people seriously injured after car slams into tree-Pics

Two people seriously injured after car slams into tree-Pics


Two people seriously injured after car slams into tree-Pics

KwaZulu-Natal: At 22H29 Thursday night Netcare 911 responded to reports of a collision on Umhlanga Rocks Drive in Sunningdale Durban.Two-seriously-injured-after-car-slams-into-tree5
Reports from the scene indicate that the driver of a light motor vehicle lost control around a bend slamming into a tree.Two-seriously-injured-after-car-slams-into-tree1The male driver and the female passenger had sustained serious injuries. Both patients were treated on the scene while the Ethekwini Fire and Rescue Services used hydraulic tools to free them from the vehicle. Two-seriously-injured-after-car-slams-into-treeOnce stabilized the patients were transported by Netcare 911 ambulance to the hospital for further treatment. All necessary authorities were on the scene.


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