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Two more lawyers arrested

Two more lawyers arrested
Thabani Mpofu lawyer for the opposition talks to the press outside the Constitutional Court in Harare, Wednesday, Aug, 22, 2018. Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court set to hear the main opposition challenge to the results of last months historic presidential election.The Chief Justice said that the ruling would be announced on Friday at 2pm.(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Police have arrested two more lawyers in connection with the matter which led to the arrest of MDC Alliance lawyer, Thabani Mpofu, last week.

Choice Damiso and Tapiwa Makanza were arrested at the weekend on allegations of faking the signature of an allegedly “non-existent” Simbarashe Zuze in a matter argued before the Constitutional Court by Mpofu in January 2019.

Damiso said her home was raided by police officers who arrested her on Saturday.

“Five police officers came to pick me up in a van. I would have gone to the police station voluntarily had I been asked to. The irony is that many crime scenes of burglaries and violence have gone unprocessed: Excuse? We have no transport,” she said.

In a new twist, Zuze yesterday posted a video on social media displaying his passport and identity card to prove his existence. He even said he had appeared before the police where he presented his identification documents twice and was made to sign a number of samples of his signature.

“I made an application through my lawyer Tapiwa Makanza, challenging the appointment of Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi and I signed my affidavit before Advocate Choice Damiso and I produced my ID. These documents have been verified by the Law and Order Department twice,” he said in the video.

Mpofu’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa has indicated that they will be challenging the charges leveled against her client after he was granted $20 000 bail.

The Law Society of Zimbabwe also issued a statement condemning the arrest of Mpofu describing it as systematic persecution of the legal profession.

– NewsDay

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