Tsvangirai’s ex-lover fights back at fraud allegations.

Aquilinia Kayidza Pamberi has filed a notice of appeal at the magistrates’ court in Bulawayo challenging a ruling in which she was found guilty of fraud and ordered to pay a fine of $500.

Aquilinia Kayidza PamberiA Bulawayo woman who was made infamous by state media after allegations that she was one of the lovers of the late founding leader of the MDC, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, is fighting back against her conviction of fraud.

According to the Sunday News, part of the appeal notice reads. In the circumstances where the elements of fraud had not been met and established beyond reasonable doubt and focusing on matters irrelevant to a finding of guilt in a fraud case.

a fortiori the learned magistrate grossly misdirected herself on the facts, such misdirection amounting to misdirection in law, in finding that the appellant is guilty of fraud, such finding is not supported by the evidence that was placed before her.

The court a quo grossly erred and misdirected itself in totally disregarding the clear contradictory evidence in the complainant’s version which evidence was mutually destructive that no reasonable and sensible court which applied its mind to the facts would have disregarded same.

“The learned magistrate erred in failing to appreciate that the complainant was an accomplice who ought to have been cautioned and whose evidence should have been treated with caution. The learned magistrate erred in rejecting in toto the entire evidence of the appellant without proffering any reasonable explanation when her evidence was credible.

The fraud conviction comes from a case in which Pamberi is said to have demanded $5 000 from one Irene Chinyanda after convincing her that she has a connection at the High Court who would take care of her some legal difficulties she was having.


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