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Tsikira honors promise… dishes out money!

Zeb Tsikira honors promise… dishes out money!

Entrepreneur Zeb Tsikira over the weekend rewarded Shanda Challenge winners as earlier promised.

The Canada-based real estate investor rewarded four fans for the best creative videos while playing the Bazooker’s Millionaire song in the background.

Evidence Munyengeterwa who came out first was given US $150 while Ali Maderera, who came second, walked away US $50 richer.

Tafara Machingura and Nyashadzashe Kwashirai were given branded t-shirts for Zeb Tsikira and Chintaulila after they were tied on the third position.

In an interview, Munyengeterwa who is also a student of software engineering at a local institution said:

“To be honest I am really happy right now and I can’t explain my happiness, I just feel like I am in heaven.

“The journey was not easy because I faced some criticism from my friends who were saying it’s not my thing and ma challenges haahwinike.

“I ignored them and kept on pushing because I like Bazooker’s music.

“I did more than five video clips and I studied the song for several days till I found a proper starting point” hanzi majokese vachikuona sakapfupi”.

“I managed to come out with this great piece which was voted the best.

” For real it’s like the first time for me going viral in a matter of less than a week and winning with a gold medal it’s an achievement,” he said.

In another interview, Tsikira said he believes in hard work.

“I am very happy with the creativity of all the entries.

“It was hard to pick out the winner.

” The Shanda challenge was a great success.

“The song is getting rave reviews and its being played on MTV and Trace Africa.

“I have personally received messages from youths saying this song has motivated them to work hard at school.

“Some are saying they have gained their vision back,” he said.

Tsikira, the brains behind the song Millionaire, added:

“The song is available on all streaming platforms and on YouTube.

“We are also launching another challenge to promote both the audio and accompanying video.

“My idea is to promote the youths.

“My philosophy is straight forward; I don’t spoon feed lazy people but I teach them how to catch fish instead.”

The video was shot by Simdoc and the song was produced by Oskid.

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