Truth About Gukurahundi Finally Unfolding?

Truth About Gukurahundi Finally Unfolding?

The bitter cold war between Emmerson Mnangagwa and his former boss Robert Mugabe is likely to expose the hidden truth about the Gukurahundi atrocities.

Police refuse to open Gukurahundi docket against Mugabe

Both men have been fingered in the commission of the atrocities. Writing on his official twitter handle former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo vowed to fight the “Gukurahundists to the end.”

“I’m determined to oppose #gukurahundists who took power by military force on 15 Nov 2017, stole the July 2018 polls; murdered civilians in Harare on 1 Aug 2018; slaughtered, tortured, maimed & raped citizens across #Zim ‘s urban areas last month. To hell with them!”

“Don’t confuse sovereignty with propaganda from these murderous

gukurahundists and #tribalists who sent soldiers to kill me and my family. They bombed, looted occupied our home; the day they grabbed power in a military coup.

Since then, they murdered civilians on 1 Aug 2018 and did worse last month!”


Chiwenga’s mansion goes viral on social media

MailOnline photographed the nearby palatial home of General Constantino Chiwenga, the ex-commander of Zimbabwe’s armed forces, who spearheaded the Mnangagwa’s takeover.

Chiwenga's mansion goes viral on social media

Located just down the road from both Blue Roof and Mr. Mnangagwa’s home, the general’s white mansion, which is built on modernist design principles and sits on the…more here

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