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Trump Calls For Mass Arrests Of Illegal Foreigners In The USA


Trump Calls For Mass Arrests Of Illegal Foreigners In The USA

United States President, Donald Trump, has approved the mass arrests of citizens of other countries who are illegally living in the country, beginning from Sunday, July 14, 2019.


The New York Times quoted sources in the U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as saying the agency will begin a nationwide raid and arrest of thousands of immigrant family members who are undocumented in the country.

The DHS officials told the newspaper that the raid will include “collateral” deportations.

The development is coming barely two months after the DHS declared that an estimated 29,723 Nigerians who entered the U.S with either non-immigrant tourism or business (B1/B2) visas between October 1, 2017, and September 30, 2018, overstayed in the country.

According to the “The fiscal Year 2018 Entry/Exit Overstay Report” released by the agency, this set of Nigerian immigrants refused to leave the U.S after their visas expired.

The report stated that 195,785 Nigerians who were given visas into the U.S were expected to leave “within the above window.”

Besides Nigeria, the earlier report identified Djibouti as another African country with highest rate of visa overstay immigrants at 180 in the country.

Trump had in June said he would delay the deportation operation targeted at undocumented families, but the U.S President’s new directive to DHS will now see Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arresting illegal immigrants on sight and deporting them to their countries.

The raid will reportedly take place in at least 10 major cities of the U.S.

Illegal immigrants who restrict their movements may escape the raid as the ICE operatives are legally not allowed to forcibly enter a home.

The New York Times report indicates that at least 2,000 illegal immigrants will be targeted in the raid, but noted that the ICE operatives may detain immigrants who happen to be on scene of the operation.

Those specifically being targeted, according to the report, are those whose deportation have been ordered as a result of their failure to appear in court or who have continued to stay in the country illegally.

President Trump’s directive on the raid is said to be aimed at curbing the rising illegal immigrant overstay in the U.S.



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