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Trouble Brewing In Khupe’s Paradise- Report

Thokozani Khupe speak on the Supreme Court ruling on MDC leadership

MDC youths reportedly assaulted Khupe’s aide and some party workers on Monday at the party’s headquarters in Harare, the Daily News reports.

The assault on Monday reportedly came a few hours after another group of Mwonzora’s affiliates assaulted a team of cleaners who were cleaning Khupe’s office.

According to the publication, the youths in question are harassing some of the officials suspected to be backing some other candidates in the party’s presidential race.

Sources that spoke to the publication about the incidences said:

Team Mwonzora is blocking all party members who have shown their support for other leaders from entering Harvest House (MRT). On Monday, they attacked a presidential aide, Fatso.

On Sunday, they also assaulted some party members who had been sent to clean the president’s (Khupe’s) office. This is being done by the youths who took over the national offices from the MDC Alliance.

When contacted for comment Khupe’s spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni could not confirm or deny the violence allegations:
Violence is a problem we are facing and it is condemned in the strongest terms.

I will have to find out about the incidents you are referring to. It could have been brought up in the standing committee during the time I was addressing a press conference (on Tuesday), MDC T Vice Chairmair Morgen Komich said they will investigate the issue thoroughly.

This is not the first time incidences like this have happened since the Khupe led faction took over Harvest House. A similar incident occurred at the party’s offices last month.

Source | Daily News