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Transport demand exposes commuters

Transport demand exposes commuters

Commuters facing transport problems have been failing to observe social distancing as they opt for open trucks to and from home.

Long winding queues at most bus termini and along roads leading to various suburbs saw commuters rubbing shoulders and disregarding social distancing — one of the health measures set to curb the spreading of Covid-19.

One of the commuters, Rosemary Padzakashamba of Mufakose, appealed to Government to consider reviewing lockdown measures due to the increase in the disease that has so far claimed 18 lives in the country.

“Transport problems continue to pose a threat to our lives since open trucks are one of the alternative means that is affordable,” said Padzakashamba.

“Besides rubbing shoulders with each other, male commuters are sexually harassing us in the queues and in open trucks. “Our fears are the ever-rising number of people being found with Covid-19 and we are appealing to the Government to consider reviewing lockdown measures.

“Vanhuvarikufa uyevarikubva kunzevarikuwandisa. “Yes we want money but we cannot enjoy it in graves. “Like what His Excellency said in that economy can be resurrected but Government and prophets do not have powers to resurrect the dead.

“With this pandemic sweeping lives across the world whoever is exposed to it will just be buried and we are calling for help,” said Padzakashamba.

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