TOUCHING STORY :THE SAD CONFESSION | The story of a 9-year-old prosti_tute who goes by the name Lady B has sparked outrage and moved listeners to tears after hearing her story.

Lady B was part of a documented radio interview in which she was asked to open up about her profession. In this harsh economy it’s not shocking to find that most women have turned to the oldest profession in the world to survive but it’s appalling when a 9-year-old, who’s barely an adolescent confesses to turning tricks in order to survive.

Lady B admitted to having a boyfriend who also acts as her pi_mp. The pi_mp provides shelter and protection to the little girl who in turns tricks to support both their livelihoods. The girl admitted to abusing drugs as well in form of the infamous ‘bronco and mbanje’ to gather up courage to approach and service her clients for prolonged periods.

The social underbelly of Zimbabwe has seen child prost_itutes also resort to violence to defend themselves from wayward clients. Lady B confesses she houses a stash of dangerous weapons and has no qualms about using a knife when push comes to shove.

She also supports her 5-year-old sibling whom she stays with in the same room she uses to service clients. The room is only partitioned by a scant curtain in case the child wakes up.

Lady B’s story has sparked a dialogue among social commentators who are calling on lawmakers to make sure the scourge of child prost_itution is eliminated in the country before it becomes bigger than us all. You can listen to the documentary below


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