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Top Zanu PF Youth Leader Arrested

Prominent Businessman Mike Chimombe tests positive for Covid-19

Top Zanu PF Youth Leader Arrested

The Police have arrested Zanu PF national youth league indigenisation and empowerment secretary who is also the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) President Mike Chimombe.

Chimombe was arrested on charges of violating COVID-19 regulations after he hosted over 300 people at his Greystone Park home for an overnight party.

He has in the past moved around the country with controversial cleric Passion Java gathering hundreds of people but had not faced the wrath of the law.

Chimombe’s arrest also comes barely a few days after his deputy; Passion Java gathered thousands of Glen View residents, where he donated wardrobes, kitchen units and beds to random people.

“On 06/09/21 Police in Harare arrested Mike Chimombe (40), Kudakwashe Chigodo (31) and Bruce Moyo (35) for violating Covid-19 regulations after they hosted a public gathering of 300 people from 2100 hours on 04/09/21 to 0330 hours on 05/09/21 at number 16 Stonechat Lane, Greystone Park, Borrowdale,” the police said in a statement shared on Twitter.

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