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“Too much indiscipline, we need the military to keep us in check” – Mliswa

Using the microblogging site Twitter, Norton legislator Temba Mliswa justified the appointment of Vice President Chiwenga as the Health Minister and said the county is in need of dogmatic leaders like Chiwenga.

Temba went on to say there was too much indiscipline in the country and said we needed the army to keep us in check. Temba tweeted:

This country needs a dogmatic leader because democracy and it’s ideals such as freedom of speech we don’t accept. The indiscipline is too much. Mugabe had a peaceful reign because he was dogmatic in dealing with us. This is the approach that informs the appointment of VP Chiwenga. He is a dogmatic leader who brings order for progress. We need the military to keep us in check; we need tough people who will do things to advance the cause of the country.

Currently, we are hyped about #ZimbabweanLivesMatter but those lives have always mattered. What’s the difference now? The real hashtag should be #AllLivesMatter

We must be mature enough to respect our constitution and not seek some Arab Spring scenarios here. That won’t happen. No matter the frustrations out there let’s be constitutionalists and wait for 2023 and vote our choices into power.

Twimbos did not take Temba’s suggestion lightly and some hurled insults at him to the point of telling him he needs a mental exam. Temba has been vocal about various issues including corruption that rocked the health ministry over the last few months.

Source | Pindula News


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