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Toll Fees For The Newly Built Kazungula Bridge

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Kazungula Bridge is a road and rail bridge over the Zambezi river between the countries of Zambia and Botswana at Kazungula. The bridge was opened for traffic on 10 May 2021.

Toll Fees For The Newly Built Kazungula Bridge

The Zambia Revenue Authority has been appointed and mandated by the Government of The Republic of Zambia to collect toll fees for the Kazungula Bridge effective 10th May, 2021.

The applicable toll fees for the different categories of vehicles are in the schedule below:

Kazungula Bridge Toll Fees  
Vehicle Type Proposed Fees (Single Rate)
Category 1    
Motor cycle/Bike 6.00 60.00 150.00
Passenger Cars 15.00 150.00 350.00
Minibus (16 seater) 20.00 200.00 450.00
4°4 Vans 20.00 200.00 450.00
4*2 Vans 20.00 200.00 450.00
Light trucks 25.00 250.00 550.00
Category 2
Minibus (26 seater) 35.00 350.00 800.00
Bus (30-50 seats) 40.00 400.00 900.00
Rigid Truck (6-9 ton) 40.00 400.00 900.00
Agricultural Tractor 35.00 350.00 800.00
Agricultural Tractor with trailer 40.00 400.00 900.00
Category 3
Big bus (65 seats) 65.00 650.00 1,450.00
Big bus (65 seats) with trailer 75.00 750.00 1,700.00
Big bus (76 (seats) 75.00 750.00 1,700.00
Rigid Trucks (10ton & above) 65.00 650.00 1,450.00
Rigid Trucks (10ton & above) with Tr. 85.00 850.00 1,900.00
Horse 50.00 500.00 1,150.00
Horse with semi-trailer 85.00 850.00 1,900.00
Horse with semi-trailer & dangler 100.00 1,000.00 2,250.00
Horse with 2 interlink trailers 100.00 1,000.00 2,250.00

Further to the notification by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to all Customs Clearing Agents, importers, exporters, transporters and the general public on the relocation of Customs Services from Livingstone port office to the newly built Kazungula One Stop Border Post (OSBP), please take note of the following important aspects:

  1. The operations at the new Kazungula OSBP will commence on Tuesday,11th May 2021
  2. No registration of entries on Livingstone profile on ASYCUDAWorld will be made with effect from midnight on Saturday 8th May 2021. All imports intended for Livingstone will have to be registered under the Kazungula OSBP profile.
  3. Pre-registration and pre-clearance should be undertaken to reduce dwell time and avoid congestion especially for exports.
  4. Exports should be processed from inland stations to ensure only exit formalities are done at the border.

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