TOGETHER AGAIN ?? | Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and musician Andy Muridzo have rekindled their love as the jeetaz Band leader is being spotted at the Sxy Angel’s boos lodgings.


Although both parties denied the affair, impeccable sources revealed that they have seen the Dherira singeer going for sleep-overs at Bev’s apartment in cranborne.Three weeks ago, Muridzo was spotted caressing and kissing Bev at Holly’s Hotel & Nite Club during her popular Sunday slot.

“Andy Muridzo always comes to Bev’s house and there are times that he comes and he would leave the following day.

“This has been going on for a while.At first he used to come at night but nowadays he is coming during the day,” said the source.

“It appears Andy still has unfinished business with Bev as he still comes to her lodgings for quality time.” Andy Muridzo manager Gift Petro denied the rumours as malicious.

“There is nothing like that happening , Bev’s issue is now a thing of the past, we closed the chapter a long time ago,” he said.

Bev said the rumours were being spread by haters who do not want to see her making progress.”i am always at home these days and i don’t even know the last time i was with Andy.

“Whoever is giving you that information is just after my progress, they want to tarnish my image,” she said.

Bev and Andy once grabbed headlines after revelations that they were been having unprotected sx and Bev was carrying Muridzo’s baby.


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