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Tocky Vibes – I’m working on videos

Tocky Vibes - I’m working on videos

In an interview with H-Metro, Tocky Vibes said he worked so hard in the studio and that it’s time for him to work on the music videos.

“My album consists of 20 songs and that’s a lot of work, pakashandwa. “So far I’m releasing visuals and already I’ve released videos for the songs Ghetto and Kwese. Popular musician Tocky Vibes has revealed that he is mainly focusing on videos for the rest of the year 2020.

Buoyed by the success of his latest album Dhongi Newaya which consists of 20 tracks, the Rugare bred chanter said he was mainly focusing on visuals.

“More exciting and educating videos are coming, get ready for them,” he told H-Metro. Tocky Vibes said visuals were important as they help him to complement the success of audios. “Videos are important because they help us to push our music and albums.

“There are some people who do not understand lyrical contents or what the song is trying to bring out but they get to understand the message once they see the videos. “Our videos are also there to educate that is why we mix our music, the other tunes are there to entertain but the rest are for educational purposes,” he added.

The chanter also revealed to H-Metro how he is making use of online services to boost up his work especially during this time of lockdown. “Lockdown has taught me that I can actually do my work online and get money out of it. “For example, I can sell my music on iTunes and get money from that.

“I can also promote my videos and people all over the world will be seeing me do what l do best local and international you name it. “So every video that I release it goes straight online and that allows me to see the views and comments from people in different countries as they will be watching.

“The numbers online are actually outstanding you get to see that not only the physical beings that came to my concerts are into my music, but there are also some people out there moved by my music and this is something that I have learnt to value a lot,” said Tocky Vibes.Like any other human being, Tocky Vibes did not hide that Lockdown has affected him.

“It’s so sad we have been dragged back by this pandemic. “We no longer hold live performance where we used to get our funds. “Online performance shows are very different from live performance shows but still it’s only God who knows what he is trying to do.

“Some of us we survive by music alone and this lockdown has been an eye-opener that we should start opening other business avenues as sources of income,” he added. He also warned lockdown violators saying the pandemic was real. “This pandemic has destroyed many plans but our hope is still rooted in Christ. “I dropped you an album of 20 songs and get ready for the videos.

“Stay prayerful at least and stay safe. “Take all the precautions advised because I still need you after this whole pandemic is over. “The most important thing stay out of trouble. “We may fail but God never fails, I love you all,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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