Tocky Vibes Back with a BANG following long silence

Musician Tocky Vibes said his newly released album -Tsamba – is a testimony that he is not a spent force but is just going through a phase like any musician.

Tocky Vibes Back with a BANG following long silence

He admitted that he has been keeping a low profile musically but that does not mean that he is finished.The Mhai hitmaker who released a 19-track album on Wednesday told H-Metro that his music will do the talking.

The album was produced by a number of producers among them TMan and Munya Vialy.

It carries potential hits like Sambotya, Rwendo, Wangu Ndeip and Rumbidzwai among others.

“I’m one artist who understands the dynamics of music and everyone who understands that won’t operate under any pressure as a musician.

“There was a time everyone was singing Tocky Vibes and when the time passed people started saying Tocky apera yet I will be releasing good music.

“Remember Sulu (Chimbetu) was on top of the game at one point and now it’s Jah Prayzah dominating. At one point it was Macheso (Alick). These are just examples.

“Jah Prayzah will remain a top artist and ranked among the best but there shall be a time we get another artist dominating despite being surrounded by good musicians,” said Tocky.

“In as far as my new project is concerned, I’ll leave the talking to the music. I decided to have many tracks so that all my fans get at least a track. It’s kwata zonke.

“It is a message that Tocky Vibes is there. True fans will be following and they all know all the music I released from my first breakthrough track Tiri Kumhanya. Jah man, I once had a hit and disappeared due to reasons beyond my control. I bounced back and released hits.

“This is the same Tocky who topped the charts with Mhai, Aenda neNyika, Ndikagaya and Tushiri among others. So you think the that talent just disappears so easy.

“It’s a phase and to me what is important is to release music, give it to the fans and do live shows to earn a living. Which I’m doing across the country,” he added.

He did not rule out that the album might be received with mixed feelings but that will not stop him from releasing more music.

“That’s why I said let the music talk. It did that before.

“This is only my third album but there are those people who write bad things on social media for various reasons. That will not stop me to give my fans the music they want.

“I have since stopped reading their messages. Just because they have a studio producing riddims, I hear them saying Tocky should come back to riddims. ”

The lanky chanter who once hogged limelight after failing to pay rentals at his Msasa lodgings said he was never embarrassed by the development.

Rather it proved that he is living in the same Zimbabwe with a struggling economy.

“You want to tell me that you never had problems with rentals or other problems the whole of last year?

“Only because it’s Tocky Vibes. Do we have a place that we just collect money as musicians? No, we work and sometimes things don’t go well.

“Actually this came as an inspiration, if God allows one day you’ll will write that Tocky Vibes builds house. Hope you will highlight that he once failed to pay rentals and his landlord ran to the media as if they will settle the debt,” said Tocky.

Tocky Vibes said he said since opened a website where he will upload his music via Soundcloud.

He is also working on a number of videos to be staggered for release the whole year.



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