Tinopona Katsande’s message to upcoming artist.

The multi-talented star is here to help all upcoming artist with her new programme on ZI FM stereo. Here is how she is helping them…

Tin tinDear up coming or establishing Zimbabwean artist. I have a show on Sunday nights called #Formation on ZiFM Stereo from 9pm to 12midnight. Between 9pm and 10pm I have a feature called “establishing artists ” which focuses on the life, music, career growth, challenges, direction and expectations of up and coming Zimbabweans artists across all genres of music.

We get to sample up to eight tracks (singles or off an album) and get the listeners to give their rates, comments and views, all in a bid to give you an opportunity to give you that much-needed exposure and professional platform all upcoming artists require.
I offer my humble advice as a broadcaster and an entertainment guru and add the Ms TinTin touch by hooking you up with already established Zim artists you may want to collaborate with, a producer for your videos you may not have the reach to engage and music distribution platforms you may not be aware of.

In a nutshell, if you would like a platform, I’m here to do my best to help you realise your vision on the dopest radio station in Zim. Just “halla” (inbox here) or email me tintinkatsande@gmail.com and “let’s keep it moving”. Good Luck and keep the focus!!

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