Award-winning rapper Tinashe ‘Ti Gonzi’ Gonzara is reportedly involved in an illicit affair with model Whitney ‘Miss Whitney’ Masike.

The alleged affair has irked T Gonzi’s wife, Esther Tendere, who has since confronted Whitney. H-Metro has learned that Esther and Whitney exchanged words, with some WhatsApp chats and audios going viral.

The leaked chats and audios include Ti Gonzi apologizing to Whitney while some record conversations between Whitney and Esther.

In an interview with H-Metro, Esther said she has known Whitney since she was 16 years old and she was disappointed by her conduct.

“I never exchanged words with her, but I just asked her why she would do that with my hubby since I know her. “I’m sure she also wants fame, so game on. “She is the one circulating the issue on social media, and it’s such an embarrassment to me that he would do such a thing with a popular prostitute.

Why would I be the one circulating things? “I also have the chats and audios,” she said.

Added Esther: “If you listen to the audios and chats, you will notice I was the bigger person in this issue. I have known Whitney since she was 16 years old. “I was confronting her on why she would do such a thing to me.

Why would I wanna embarrass my husband nemunhu anoita zvema n*des of all the people.

“You guys when doing your articles, weigh nyaya dzacho. Endai pamaprofiles evanhu moona kuti anoda mbiri ndeupi apa. “She has fake accounts because she is a nude model.

Weigh that nemukadzi wemu-nhu.” Ti Gonzi did not respond to H-Metro on the issue, but he apologized to Whitney in leaked audio. “Hello Whitney. Ndati mini ndikuenda
kumba, am on my way, ndaku Norton, Esther ndikunotaura naye; it’s okay; it’s all my fault; I am sorry,” he said.

In response, Whitney said Esther should respect her since she was approached by the talented rapper. “She should respect me the way I respect her, not kutanga nekundituka.

I told her kuti vapedzerane kumba kwake Esther wacho naTi Gonzi wake kumba kwavo. “Vasandipinze munyaya dzavo.

That’s why ndiri girlfriend. I am not the wife, saka ari kutondidhomokera,” she said.

Whitney said they had not been dating for six months. “I had a thing with him but I am no longer dating him, and it has been six months,” she added. Meanwhile, a source said all hell broke loose when Esther got hold of the chats.

“The wife is complaining about the relationship that has been going on well for a while, to the extent that he made a track for her and featured her on the video.

“Ti Gonzi recorded a video for a song UriSpeciary, which he featured Whitney,” said the source. In some of the leaked audios where Esther was communicating to Whitney, she said: “Ukuona chii ka, bho iwewe wakagona stereki nekumubvisa stress.

Kana zvirizvo zvaaikuudza kuti ndomuabuser its fine. iwewe ramba uchimbvisa stress. Inini nda-kumusiya mumaoko ako nevamwe vese coz makawanda mu nomubvisa stress.

“Mwari achakukomborerai, zvese zvakaitika bho, ndakunzwisisa,” she said.

In another leaked audio to Esther, Whit-ney’s said: “Ti Gonzi aitondinetsa ndichitomu-ramba bva ndazomubvuma. Handisi kumboramba, but iwewe ukada kuramba uchinetsana neni manje because of ndiye akabva kumba kwake achiuya kumba kwangu kuzondinyenga inini. Ndaitomuramba pese apa. Kudanana titori kudanana wangu, nditori Mainini.

“The reason why Ti Gonzi akubva kumba kwako iwewe inyaya yekuti ukumuabuser, instead yekuti umusapote uri busy kunet-sana naye. Kutouya kuno inyaya yekuti akuda kubvisa stress.

“Dai tatowirirana coz ndikutokubatsira kumubvisa stress.”

Below are some of the chats:

[12/10/2019, 07:56:10] Astar Ti Gonzi: Whit-ney I didn’t think u would betray me like that
[12/10/2019, 07:56:21] AstarTi Gonzi: Unga-danane na gonzi
[n/1o/2019, 21:22:38] Boudoir Model ??: Ah who told you that
[12/10/2019, 21:24:18] Astar Ti Gonzi: I saw your chats
[12/10/2019, 21:24:26] Astar Ti Gonzi: But it’s all gud
[12/113/2o19, 21:24:35] Astar Ti Gonzi: And instagram
[n/10/2019, 21:25:33] Boudoir Model ??: So what makes you think I dated him
[12/10/2019, 21:27:31] Astar Ti Gonzi: If u didn’t bho if u did bho futi
[12/10/2019, 21:27:50] Astar Ti Gonzi: But I saw chats
[1/whom 21:28:06] Astar Ti Gonzi: It’s all good Whitney
[12/10/2019, 21:28:20] Boudoir Model ??: Ask him kuty I dated him here
[12h0/2019, 21:29:02] Boudoir Model n : I never proposed him
[13/10/2019, 10:32:01] Boudoir Model ??: Morning
[13/10/2019, 10:41:19] Boudoir Model ??: Handinyenge murume kana iye achiziva kuty your the wife he sh Id by have done that he shld respect you

[13/10/2019,10:41:55] Astar Ti Gonzi: Bho
[63/10/2019, 10:42:16] Boudoir Model ??: Shldnt *
[13/10/2019, 10:44:19] Astar Ti Gonzi: And it takes someone who respects marriage yemunhu waanoziva to also respect bt bho hapana kushata
[13/10/2019, 10:44:29] Astar Ti Gonzi: Was shocked kuti u of all people
[13/10/2019, 10:45:42] Boudoir Model ??: Text Ti gonz kani
[13hoho19, 10:46:20] Boudoir Model ??: Do you know he started proposing me since I was 16 but never said yes
[13/10/2019, 10:47:09] Boudoir Model ??: Besides wakabatira mwana xaaa
[13/10/2019, 10:47:13] Astar Ti Gonzi: So y would he say wakati katakaita lakes a
[13/10/2019, 10:47:38] Boudoir Model ??: Asati afa ra
[13/10/2019, 10:48:00] Boudoir Model ??: Murume wese anonyenga xaaa netsana naye
[13/10/2019, 10:48:00] Astar Ti Gonzi: U guys met the other night
[13/10/2019,10:48:49] Boudoir Model ??: He needed comfort you abuse him uri mboko you stress him a lot
[13/10/2019, 10:49:20] Astar Ti Gonzi: Murume wese anonyenga yes and he has others he was cheating with but of all I sped u coz I am still in shock kuti I knew u since u were 16

[13/10/2019, 10:49:41] Astar Ti Gonzi: Me abusing him how?
[13/10/2019, 10:49:59] Astar Ti Gonzi: Haa bho Whitney
[13/10/2019, 10:50:04] Astar Ti Gonzi: It is well Chats between Whitney and Ti Gonzi:
[13/10/2019, ions:oo] Boudoir Model ??: Iwe
[13/10/2019, 11:12:13] Ti Gonz: Ko why u Changing words naAstar nhai
[13/10/2019, 11:13:06] Boudoir Model ??: Akunditukirei
[13/10/2019,11:13:15] Boudoir Model ??: Are you taking her side
[13/10/2o19,11:13:36] Boudoir Model ??: Plus iye a katsvaga magudo kugomo a nomawa na
[13/10/2019, 11:13:53] Ti Gonz: I dnt know wats happening I am coming from Kwekwe
[13/10/2019, 11:14:11] Boudoir Model ??: Lemme forward to you 63/10/2019,11:14:34] Boudoir Model ??: Yes Im wrong to say shit to her but I cldnt con-trol it [13/10/2019, 11:14:42] Boudoir Model ??: Plus andiramwira iwewe



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