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Thousands Still Homeless One Year After Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai Deaths Toll Now At 259 In Zimbabwe, Highest Of All The Countries says UN
A man searches for missing family members with his dog on March 18, 2019, in eastern Zimbabwe, after the area was hit by Cyclone Idai.

In a sad development, a year after Cyclone Idai, way over 4073 people are still homeless in Chimanimani as houses still haven’t been constructed for them as of yet.

Survivors of the Cyclone are still being housed in holding tents. In Chimanimani and Chipinge more than 3 000 families were left homeless after their homes were destroyed.

Cyclone Idai left a trail of destruction and severely affected livelihoods, infrastructure, food security, industry, and trade.

According to statistics, over 4073 survivors are still homeless with at least 224 people currently housed in holding

Legislators and the parliamentary portfolio committees on Local Government, Public Works, and National Housing as well as the Peace and Security who visited Chimanimani recently expressed concern and were not happy with the way the district officials were taking too long to construct the houses. One parliamentarian said,

“We would like to understand why survivors are still housed in holding tents one year after the Cyclone and why the
the process has been so slow.”

Another parliamentarian added that,

“We understand when we came last year you were saying the majority of people lost their documentation, where are you now in terms of progress.”

Chimanimani District Development Coordinator, Mr. Joseph Manyurapasi responded to the questions saying, that construction of houses for survivors of the tragic Cyclone Idai was already underway. However, he noted that they were facing financial challenges.

“We have so far constructed five houses at one of our relocation sites but the process has been delayed by late disbursement of funds and also local resistance by survivors who do not want to be moved to this site recommended by the government,” said Manyurapasi.

Honourable Miriam Chikukwa urged the district officials to be transparent when handling Cyclone Idai funds.

“As Parliament, we demand to know how the funds were used, who benefited, and which specifications were used….. Corruption is a cancer and we should never allow it to grow,” she said.

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