Those Who Call For Sanctions Can Be Hanged, Says Zanu PF YL Boss (54)

Outspoken Zanu PF Youth League boss Pupurai Togarepi has said he will push for the introduction of a law that punishes all those who call for sanctions against Zimbabwe.


Togarepi is also the newly elected MP for Gutu South Constituency. United States President Donald Trump recently signed the ZIDERA Amendment into law.

“This Parliament will pass the Patriotic Act. Those who call for economic sanctions can be hanged and their political parties will be banned. It is going to be my first contribution in Parliament so that it will come to fruition.

We know that Tendai Biti went to America to call for sanctions. It’s not good that you want to be a leader but you are calling for sanctions. You are a Zimbabwean.

You want Zimbabwean people to suffer. This is not good. People who are calling for sanctions must not look for higher offices in Zimbabwe. Why don’t we go to Parliament so that we prohibit all those who are calling for sanctions?

Zimbabweans are suffering because of these people, we want to stop this,” Togarepi told Daily News yesterday.


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