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This is how much time Pokello spends bathing


Socialite Pokello Nare, pictured, says she bathes for 40 minutes as she shared grooming tips with young women at a workshop recently, urging them to value their appearance.

Her remarks on the day have not gone well with a section of women who felt slurred and have taken to social media to vent their anger.

Based on her remarks to women at the workshop, it remains a mystery how they have been interpreted as an attack.

Pokello spoke on a variety of things among them the importance of image and grooming, touching on how women should dress depending on their body types.

She said women must learn to love themselves and use beauty products to enhance their looks.
Sharing video clips on Instagram, the self-styled queen of swag gave her view on why she was chosen to address the young women.

“They chose me to speak to young women on these topics because I am a textbook reference of how even at your lowest, you have the ability to turn your situation around.

“Against all efforts to discredit my strides, let it be known that I’m not the girl I was 10 years ago. I’m a journeyed woman, loved, resilient and peaceful.

“Despite the many fabricated headlines and stories written about me, you cannot break my spirit or ever use my past against me — I don’t live there anymore! I look forward to the day when the headlines are a depiction of the truth,” she wrote on Instagram.

In a question and answer session, Pokello told the women that dressing alone is not enough for people to pay attention.

Asked how long she bathes, she said she takes 40 minutes in the shower or tub.

On dressing, she said women must avoid clothes that draw attention to their negative features.

Source | Daily News

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