Home LOCAL NEWS Thigh vendors run away from man with big hammer!

Thigh vendors run away from man with big hammer!

Thigh vendors run away from man with big hammer!

A popular gold panner’s huge 4-5 has triggered trepidation among thigh vendors in Gwanda, leaked group WhatsApp chats reveal.

So big is the man’s wood that thigh vendors have begun turning him down no matter how much he offers for their services. The women just can’t stand his poking monster!

The WhatsApp chats clearly show that the thigh vendors cannot handle the man, identified as Bheki – almost everyone he has hired, gives him back his money as soon as she sees his huge endowment.

“It’s so big, it’s about 30 centimeters long. The first time I saw it, I was shocked and scared. During the deed he forced it in, even after I begged him to stop. It even showed up in his trousers when sleeping,” wrote one thigh vendor in the WhatsApp group named Gwanda’s thigh vendors.

The WhatsApp group boasts more than 100 thigh vendors.

One, Caro, said: “It’s longer than that (30 centimeters). It scares me just by looking at it. Bheki should be a pon*.

I always give him unreasonable prices to put him off. He is even shy and when you go with him, he insisted on switching off the lights”.

For other thigh vendors in the group who have not yet slept with him, the conversation was like a warning to them that they should drop him like a hot potato whenever he wants to hire them.

Said Ntombie: “Into yakhe iyalimaza nxa ingena esithweni. Ilanga ngilala laye ngiba lama langa nginga sebenzi (It’s painful when inserting it. After sleeping with him, I took several days off before I went back to work).

One vendor had nothing but praise for Bheki, though she admitted that his 4-5 was abnormally big.

She said: “Hmm that thing is huge ladies, but he knows how to use it. He is always in the mood and he wants more. The night he hired me he left me exhausted”.

Despite spirited efforts to track down Bheki drew a black, one vendor from the group confirmed the leaked chats, saying what was once Bheki’s biggest gift, was now a curse.

“That WhatsApp discussion about Bheki’s 4-5 which is doing rounds, is real. Women get scared whenever he takes it out and all thigh vendors in Gwanda now know him and they turn him down whenever he wants to hire them,” said the vendor who refused to be named.

Meanwhile, according to a number of studies from the websites of health professionals, an average 4-5 is between 7 and 10 centimeters long and 12 to 16 centimeters when erect.

American TV presenter Jonah Falcon holds the record for the biggest 4-5 in the world, which is apparently 34 cm in length.