Home LOCAL NEWS Thigh Vendors breach Covid-19 regulations

Thigh Vendors breach Covid-19 regulations

Thigh Vendors breach Covid-19 regulations

Thigh Vendors breach Covid-19 regulations

A number of thigh vendors have hit hard times that they have trooped back onto the streets while disregarding Covid-19 curbing regulations.

Several men consulting for their services are at risk of contracting Covid-19 for the sake of quenching mjolo appetite as the thigh vendors loiter during the day in the Avenues area without wearing face masks in a way to parade their faces.

One thigh vendor told H-Metro that face masks reduce chances of hooking their clients.

“Chibasa chedu ichi ukasashandisa chivaka shure kumeso kwako kunofanira kunge kuchiyevedza nekuti maziso evarume ndiko kwaanomhanyira,” she said refusing to identify self.

“We only mask up on our way from home but when on duty we remove face masks in order to attract our potential clients.

“The issue of sanitising is not considered in sex work; that is how we are doing paroad,” she said.

Several men were however spotted by H-Metro wearing their face masks presumably to avoid quick identification.

A number of thigh vendors who spoke on condition of anonymity said they had been inoculated and were aware of the pandemic that has claimed a number of lives across the globe.

“I received my first and second vaccine and I went for that in April to avoid movement restrictions,” said one of the thigh vendors.

One prominent doctor recently warned people to remain vigilant and reduce human interaction lest they brew up a fourth wave of Covid-19.

The government has put up health measures to curb the continued spread of Covid-19 with measures including maintaining social distancing, proper wearing of face masks, sanitising and staying at home if one has no serious business in Central Business District or market places.

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