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Watch – Prostitution is a calling: Experienced s.e.x worker speaks

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Thigh vendor: If God hasn’t called you, you can’t do this work.

Rochelle Grace (not her real name), told TV3 in an interview that her dream was to become a marketer, a lawyer or a police officer. However, she didn’t get the needed support to achieve her ambitions.

A Ghanaian s.e.x worker has lamented how she has plied the illegal trade for a decade but has nothing to show for it. Friends introduced her to prostitution, a trade she has plied for ten years and still counting.

“Men have used me for ten years and I have nothing to show to the world. Nothing, the only thing I have is I’ve rented an apartment and if my rent is due and I don’t have money to renew, I will be kicked out. I have not achieved anything, this is my room, there is no bag here, nothing, there is nothing to show for all the hassle.

When I was a child my dream was to be a Lawyer or a CID but I didn’t have the opportunity but these dreams did not materialize,” she cried. Rochelle Grace went further to bemoan that the sex work she has been doing against her will has taken all her pride.

According to her, she prays a lot for strength to sail through her challenges and forgiveness from God for all her sins. She added that she would end the prostitution and engage in a dignifying business if she gets financial support.

“All my pride everything I have the street has taken it. My virginity, everything. The street has taken everything. If I have anything left, it’s left for God to decide but I don’t have anything left.”

Speaking about how she managed to have s.e.x with numerous men for money for more than a decade, Rochelle Grace said it takes the grace of God.

“it is a calling and if God has not called you, you can’t do this work.” She recounted how some of her co-s.e.x workers with whom she ventured into the trade had died.

Prostitution is illegal in Ghana but is practised regardless, by some Ghanaians and foreigners. They are sometimes arrested but let off the hook eventually.

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Source – Zimgazette

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