Thigh vendor confesses: My husband is the one who forced me into prostitution.

The Chronicle reports that this all came out in court where Lindiwe Ncube (31) and her husband Prince Mhlanga (35) and two of the husband’s friends Mlungisi Nhliziyo (30) and Ezra Phiri (19) were facing charges of robbing two men who had approached Lindiwe for s.e.xual favours.

woman-cryingA self-confessed thigh vendor from Gwanda stunned the court when she revealed that her husband was the one who had forced her into the oldest profession so that they could make money. The husband would make his own money by robbing the wife’s clients.

In her defence, Lindiwe told the court. Your Worship my husband is the one who forced me into prostitution so that we could make some money. He takes me to Cry Mantengwane Night Club together with these other two men and they wait for me get a client and they go on to rob him.

I didn’t want to be a part of this as I realised that it’s wrong but my husband is a violent man. When I refuse to do as he says he victimises me. Lindiwe and the three men were denied bail and remanded in custody to June 17.

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