Thieves have broken into a  South Africa-based Zimbabwean car in Zvishavane and stole over R130.

Abinas Mukono had parked his Nissan Navara at his Council Park residence on December 19 when Pride Mathew Mudzonga (23) and Kefasi Manyenyewi (18) broke in and stole the money.

Mudzonga and Manyenyewi are said to have bought a car using the ill-gotten wealth, but it was later involved in an accident.

Mudzonga was arrested following a tip-off. He led the police to the recovery of the car which they had bought with the stolen money. Some of the stolen money was recovered from his mother.

The State said only $3 288 was recovered, while $10 364 remained outstanding. Mudzonga and Manyenyewi were brought before Zvishavane magistrate Mr Archie Wochiwunga facing theft charges last week. Mudzonga pleaded guilty to the charges, while Manyenyewi denied committing the offence.

Mudzonga was slapped with a 36 months jail term before Mr Wochiwunga suspended 12 months on condition that he paid $10 364 (re-valued), which is still outstanding. A three months jail term, which had been suspended on Mudzonga’s 2016 conviction, was brought into effect, leaving him to serve an effective 27 months in jail.

Manyenyewi’s trial has been set for January 10.



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