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Best way to respond when someone gives you the silent treatment

Best way to respond when someone gives you the silent treatment

Silent treatment is a fine example of immaturity and childishness. Therefore, the best way to treat this “child” is as you would a child.

Many years ago I had a roommate who, apparently, was extremely insulted when I told him we’d gone the wrong way (in the car, he was driving).

After we arrived at our destination, he was not only not talking to me, he was on the verge of tears.

This was before I knew he was a narcissist, or even what a narcissist is all about (I thought they were just vain people who believed people were there for their bidding. I had no idea as to the extent or how evil they are). I was more than surprised that anyone, especially a grown man, could be this thin skinned. So I apologized. Again, apologies. I was thinking : “wow, he’s like a fragile little girl”, but I made it look sincere. Soon he was talking to me again and claimed he was fine. But after we got home and for the next few days, he made jabs at me, obviously trying to hurt my feelings. It didn’t work, which apparently frustrated the hell out of him, because he started the silent treatment. I had never seen anything like it since a girlfriend pulled it on me years before.

My reaction? I found it humorous. I couldn’t believe that a grown person could act this way. What a drama queen! I want to emphasize that both of us are straight and we were just roommates in a very large house.

So I just went about my business and never got upset at his antics because that’s exactly what they were— childish antics. And drama. We were never friendly again and he kept trying to do things to “get even” for this perceived insult (as if deliberately insulting me repeatedly weren’t enough). I eventually moved out.

He then went on a prank phone call campaign. Except he never blocked his number. I guess he wanted me to know it was him. He started calling 6 times in a row — first in the daytime, then in the middle of the night since he was always up late.

I had for years been silencing my phone after 10 PM anyway, so it never disturbed me, but it did show missed calls, so I woke up to those calls listed on my phone every morning for about 4 months. He never left a message.

Then it “slowed” to about 4 times a week for the next 6 months or so. Then less often, I assume, in an effort to catch myself off guard and wake me up. In case you are wondering, I never answered. Not even the first time.

In fact, I found it funny for the first few weeks. Did he really think he was bothering me? Was he thinking: “Haha This’ll teach him!” Or did he realize that I had to have a call blocker and the phone was silenced and it frustrated him but he did it anyway? I’ll never know.

Bottom line: they are children and act like children. Treat them as such. Ignore them back. Don’t think about it, just go about your business. Whatever you do, do NOT say anything like: Why aren’t you talking to me? Or please talk to me.

That’s what they want you to do. They are trying to manipulate you. Do not feed them! If you want to piss them off, then let it be obvious that you find it amusing (by slightly smiling when you are near them and not saying a word) and that it is having no effect on you.

If this is a regular pattern and you don’t like it (or anything else they pull), then leave. There are much better and nicer people out there.

Source | Quora Richard Smith