THE SAGA CONTINUES AS OLINDA DROPS ANOTHER BOMB, “STUNNER STILL SLEEPING WITH POKELLO” | Stunner ex-wife and socialite Olinda Chapel has come forward with more jaw dropping revelations concerning her relationship with rapper Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner.


The two had quite a stormy and volatile marriage which was often put up for public consumption and ridicule. In her latest revelations Olinda claims that her ex-husband was still sleeping with socialite Pokello Nare.

Olinda recalls all the gory details of her marriage including when she first found out that Stunner was cheating on her with a total of 3 girls, namely Dyonne, Nicole and Pokello. Stunner went so far as to house one of his girlfriends, Nicole at his place while he was away in China with Olinda. The latter claims Stunner and his now girlfriend Dyonne have been together for 3 years, according to her, she was in the picture long before Olinda was part of Stunner’s life. The plot twist of course is Stunner was seeing another woman called Melissa during that time.

Olinda zeroed in on Stunner’s famous ex Pokello who she claims was still sleeping with Stunner and went as far as sleeping with him under her roof while she was away.

In typical Casanova fashion, Stunner assured his other two girlfriends Nicole and Dyonne that he was a in a relationship with Olinda because of the money. He was just pimping himself out so he could snag some of Olinda’s fortune only to dump her after upgrading his life.

In the midst of all the saga, Stunner’s current fiancée Dyonne was more than happy to play the side chick role as long as she also had access to Olinda’s fortune through Stunner’s pockets.

Olinda claims that she was just a victim of a con who knew how to play his cards well such that she took the fall for the break up while Stunner was laughing all the way to the bank. Just like any other woman looking for love, she fell hook, line and sinker for the charismatic Stunner who seems to have a way with the ladies, judging from the trail of females in his shadow.

Olinda bemoans emotional abuse from her ex husband who can’t seem to quite leave her alone. Stunner is well-known for making digs at Olinda and throwing sour grapes over the damsel at every turn. Some of the songs from his latest album are believed to be about his ex-wife and they all have negative connotations.

While she gets served with people’s different opinions on a platter, Olinda maintains that she is the victim in all this and her tenure with Stunner has left her traumatized. The socialite found it sad that it’s always the women who have to deal with the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship and she is still paying the price for sleeping with the enemy.

Below is the original post from Olinda’s wall.

Jan 5th I came on FB live and I had a melt down after finding out my “husband” had cheated on me.

The first explanation I was given was it was a one night stand. Which was untrue. My ex husband then went on a rampage to paint the wrong picture about me calling me all sorts. Having the whole world and social media judging me and labelling me. For me to find out about Dyonne in the first place it was because of Trigger. He was a young man that we had taken under our wing and lived in our house. So he was witness to everything that had happened under that roof. I have wanted an explanation as to what happened, only when you have walked in my shoes you’d know that you would leave not a single stone unturned until waziva chokwadi. Today Trigger finally told me the whole truth of everything I was unaware of. The conversation was longer and only managed to record the last half, and no he wasn’t aware he was being recorded. What came from the conversation was

1. When I was married to Stunner he was seeing three girls, Dyonne, Nicole and Pokello
2. Whilst we were in china Dec 2015, Stunner left Nicole leaving at his house
3. Dyonne and Stunner have been together for 3 years now, way before I was with Stunner. The relationship started when he was with Melissa
4. Pokello has continued having a sexual relationship with Stunner and she would come and have se_x with him at my house
5. That when Stunner met with me he told both Dyonne and Nicole that he was only going to be with me for a few years and that it was all about the money and securing their future.
6. Early 2016 I found out about Nicola and Stunner lied that she was Triggers girlfriend.
7. Dyonne was happy to continue being in the back ground and watch Stunner make me his wife and let me pay for his life style as they knew what it was .
As much as people might condemn me and call me all sorts. I have been a victim of abuse and part of a con. Put yourself in my shoes, be it your sister your daughter your friend. A man really orchestrating the above just for money. What would have happened if he had legally married me and then decided to divorce me ? Surely over a year of being someone’s fool. Munhu achinyepa that he loves you. What about kids even involving my kids. We are parents wouldn’t you be angry.
And after running his con for this while and doing this to me. He has continued to call me all sorts. Abusing me on social media running his rants and even writing songs about me.
It’s like adding insult to injury.

I would like to believe that the society that we are in has a greater heart and that you do not agree to such abuse of anyone. How can someone plan to marry someone just for money ? It’s crazy
When I said it you didn’t believe me. Now you have a credible witness who was his right hand man who can vouch that all this happened to me and I was clueless. Am I looking for redemption yes. Only because I know I am not crazy and I know what he did to me will scar me for life. The facts are there and yet the world refuses to acknowledge this. You won’t even believe his friend who feels sorry for me and the abuse I have gone through.

I will leave this here, let you all be the judge. But God does not sleep. It’s Stunner knows it’s true and he can continue abusing me and saying all sorts when he know what he planned and what he did.

I am now just sad that this community allows women to be publicly abused, humiliated and taken advantage of. Yesterday it was me, today it’s someone else . . . When and who will stop it.

Stunner hadn’t responded to the claims at the time of going of publication.


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