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“The Meeting With ANC Was A President To President Briefing”

“South Africa is the youngest State in our region”, they cannot intervene in Zimbabwe

At A ZANU PF Midlands Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting yesterday in Gweru, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the South African delegation was sent by his friend Cyril Ramaphosa so that he can brief them that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe, The Sunday Mail reports.

Mnangagwa said Ramaphosa said there was too much pressure being exerted on him to intervene in Zimbabwe thus he sent a delegation for a President to President briefing:

President Ramaphosa, my friend, he called and said ‘my brother, there is a lot of pressure here, how are things over there because here we understand Zimbabwe is in a crisis’ and I said ‘no there is nothing like that’ and he said ‘I want to send an envoy to be briefed’ and I said ‘ok’.

Then social media misinterprets, they say ah President Ramaphosa is sending an envoy to come and investigate the Zimbabwe situation and he must come and see other groups and so on. No.

The protocol is if a Head of State sends an envoy to another Head of State, the envoy carries the information from one Head to another and the other replies and that reply is carried back and that is what happened. It’s a President to President briefing,

….As we get attacked by our detractors we must share the mode of attack by our detractors. So, we agreed as ANC and ZANU PF that our brothers and sisters of the ANC come and we discuss the challenges and attacks on us so they also prepare themselves better.

You then hear some sections of the media saying the South African envoy and the ANC delegation snubbed opposition parties, no, they were never meant to meet them

The ANC delegation came and had a “frank” talk with Zanu PF and went back to South Africa without meeting other stakeholders but promised to dialogue with the other stakeholders on their next visit.

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