The Chicken Inn couple finally weds: Pictures


The Chicken Inn couple finally weds, Pictures.

Remember this couple who made rounds on social media sometime back after the guy proposed in a Chicken Inn outlet in Bulawayo? Yeah, you all remember that and Chicken Inn promoted them to be their brand ambassadors.

And everyone on social media began to pledge things to give the couple or help them out with their wedding expenses, well, the couple just got married and it was a beautiful thing to watch. They didn’t publicise the event but you know us we dig out until we find what we want. So we have pictures of the couple in their traditional outfits and we must say they looked lovely ey. We loved how they didn’t make the whole thing public and attention seeking affair. They really kept it a low key but yet a classic thing.

Congratulations Makoroko Amhlope…May their love stay strong. CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES

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