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The Charambas drop brand new videos


The Charambas drop brand new videos.

The videos are part of the Charambas’ attempt to fulfil the pledge to their followers that they would be giving them more visuals and it was worth the wait. Some of the videos such as Regera Kundisiya are from as far back as their chart-topping 2010 album Pashoko Pangoma and according to the couple, “it’s not about when to release but timelessness for us”.

The first couple of gospel music, Pastor Charles and wife Olivia Charamba — who recently embarked on ministerial work — are back to satisfy the needs of their music followers with a series of videos.

The video Regera Kundisiya was edited in 2013 and was in their bag before being released on Sunday. The other videos are from the couple’s 2017 back-to-back albums Abba Father and Voice of Miriam. Videos from Pastor Charamba’s Abba Father, which have since been released include Ndozvatinoda, Zvepa Calvary and Abba Baba while Mwaka, Boycott Sin and Mend My Ways are from Mai Charamba’s Voice of Miriam.

Judging by the number of views on the videos, which were released late last week and early this week, their followers were eagerly waiting and are excited by the latest releases. Speaking to the Daily News, Pastor Charamba said this is the first lot with more other videos coming. “This is not all, there are more videos coming,” he said.

The Charambas are a big name in gospel music in the country with a rich catalogue. They are an example of creativity and quality which they showcase in their work and the latest videos are a testimony. They appeal to different generations and wherever they perform they fill venues and they are darlings of several transporters who say their music attracts people to their vehicles.


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